Sunday, March 24, 2013

Different Kind of Spring Break

This time, we're getting a break from Spring weather. The front that literally blew through Southeast Texas today allows a cold air mass to settle in. It means several mornings in the 30s and we may not see 70° weather until Thursday or Friday. We may even see some records fall.

The College Station record for tonight is 33° (1955), Bush's record is 36° (2006), Hobby is 37° (2006). The forecasts for those locations are 32°, 35° and 36°, respectively.

It will be cold as well Tuesday morning and challenge these records as well: Bush 30° (1955), College Station 33° (1955) and Hobby 31° (1955).

Or drought is deepening too. Underwhelming rainfall this weekend didn't help either. For the year, we're down 4.15". Compare that to last year, when we had a 17" surplus.

Next chance for rain isn't likely until next weekend.

TONIGHT: Clear and chilly with a light north breeze. By morning, temperatures slip into the low to mid 30s from Houston northward, mid 40s along the coast.

MONDAY: Sunny and unusually cool with much less wind. Highs barely above 60°.

TUESDAY: Chilly morning followed by a milder afternoon. Mostly sunny skies. Highs in the mid 60s.


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