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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Different Kind of Spring Break

This time, we're getting a break from Spring weather. The front that literally blew through Southeast Texas today allows a cold air mass to settle in. It means several mornings in the 30s and we may not see 70° weather until Thursday or Friday. We may even see some records fall.

The College Station record for tonight is 33° (1955), Bush's record is 36° (2006), Hobby is 37° (2006). The forecasts for those locations are 32°, 35° and 36°, respectively.

It will be cold as well Tuesday morning and challenge these records as well: Bush 30° (1955), College Station 33° (1955) and Hobby 31° (1955).

Or drought is deepening too. Underwhelming rainfall this weekend didn't help either. For the year, we're down 4.15". Compare that to last year, when we had a 17" surplus.

Next chance for rain isn't likely until next weekend.

TONIGHT: Clear and chilly with a light north breeze. By morning, temperatures slip into the low to mid 30s from Houston northward, mid 40s along the coast.

MONDAY: Sunny and unusually cool with much less wind. Highs barely above 60°.

TUESDAY: Chilly morning followed by a milder afternoon. Mostly sunny skies. Highs in the mid 60s.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Soggy Weekend?

We're headed into the first full weekend of Spring on a cloudy, balmy note. An approaching cool front will spark showers but does it mean a complete weekend washout? How about a 50/50 weekend? Looks like the latter will be case with Saturday possibly being quite stormy. A computer model I trust shows clouds and rain showing up Saturday morning. There could be a few isolated severe storms too, especially by afternoon, so be weather aware. The front moves through early Sunday and leaves behind a refreshing change. Cool and dry northwest winds make for a nicer day to head out to the Bayou City Arts Festival, get in the garden or whatever gets you going. Enjoy the weekend! Next week, it won't feel much like Spring with crisp mornings and cool afternoons. We might not get above 70° until week's end!

Norman Number for Saturday is a 7.

TONIGHT: Cloudy, breezy and balmy with occasional periods of light rain. Lows in the mid to upper 60s with steady southeast winds 5-10 mph.

SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy with periods of rain early. Stronger showers and thunderstorms likely during the late afternoon and evening. Highs in the low 80s.

SUNDAY: Early clouds exit quickly leading to abundant sunshine. Much cooler and drier with highs in the low 60s. Gusty northwest winds 15-20 mph. Good for kite flying, not so much for those blessed with hair.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stormy Night For Some

By Gene Norman
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Several counties, indicated in blue above could see the sky crackle tonight as a line of storms developing in the Hill Country comes rolling this way.  Right now, the closest counties to Houston in the watch are Brazos (College Station), Washington, Austin and Colorado.  Can't rule out a few storms making their way into the Houston area too.  The biggest threat this evening is large hail and damaging wind gusts.  The storms are the result of an upper-air disturbance lifting a warm, unstable air mass over Central and Southeast Texas.  The current watch goes through midnight, but it is possible that the watch may be extended to include more of the Houston metro area if the storms hold together.

Once the rain moves out overnight, we're in for a few nice days before the next change.  By the end of the week, cloudy skies return along with muggy air and a chance for showers through the weekend.


TONIGHT: Showers and thunderstorms, some strong move across during the evening and overnight hours.  Temperatures fall through the mid to upper 50s after the rain moves through.  Breezy east and northeast winds by morning.

WEDNESDAY: Early morning low clouds quickly lift revealing a mostly sunny day with a light and dry northeast wind.  Highs in the mid 70s.

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny and cool early on, becoming cloudy, breezy and muggier by afternoon.  Morning lows in the mid to upper 40s, highs in the mid 70s.  Southerly winds 15-20 mph.


Monday, March 18, 2013


By Gene Norman
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Spring is just two days away but instead of winter, it's felt like summer today.  Hobby and College Station hit 88°, setting new records for this date.  Bush tied the 1907 record of 89°.  A surge of warm air ahead of an approaching cold front set the stage for today's unusual warmth.  The front will be short-lived however, so don't expect a big temperature drop Tuesday.  A fast-moving disturbance racing out of the Hill Country is set to bring some brief showers here late Tuesday into early Wednesday.  The front slides back northward as a warm front bringing cloudy skies with occasional periods of light rain as Spring begins Wednesday.


TONIGHT: Fair early with partly to mostly cloudy skies by developing after midnight.  Lows in the mid 50s in Houston, low 50s to the north and low 60s along the coast.

TUESDAY: Early morning low clouds lift and skies become partly cloudy by afternoon.  Warm, but not record heat.  Spotty showers developing by early evening.  Highs in the upper 70s.  Southeast winds 5-10 mph.

WEDNESDAY: Cloudy with periods of light rain early, then skies become mostly to partly cloudy.  Highs in the mid 70s, northeast winds 5-10 mph.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Of The Same

By Gene Norman
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Are you ready for more days like this?  That sun-drenched shot comes from the University of Houston campus looking toward the heart of the Bayou City.  Get used to more of the same because there's very little change expected in this wonderful weather pattern which rounds out Spring Break week.  About the only thing that might be a little different by the time we get to Friday is there may be a few fair weather clouds.  That will be primarily due to an increase in low-level moisture and humidity as southeast winds return.  However, there's no sign of rain anywhere until possibly Monday or Tuesday of next week.  

As mentioned yesterday, pollen continues to be an issue for allergy sufferers - the only blemish in our great weather.  Check the latest pollen count here.


TONIGHT: Fair and mild, light winds. Lows in the mid 40 to upper 40s in Houston, low 40s for far north neighborhoods and mid 50s along the coast.

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny, continued mild.  Highs in the mid 70s with light southeast winds 5-10 mph.

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny with occasional fair weather clouds.  Highs in the mid 70s, southeast winds 5-10 mph.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break!

By Gene Norman
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Here's a gorgeous shot overlooking Galveston Island's Moody Gardens.  The weather just couldn't be better for everyone out and about enjoying Spring Break.  It doesn't look like there will be any change on the Island either for the next few days.  Expect morning lows in the mid 50s and afternoon highs close to or slightly higher than 70°.  Back in Houston, the weather is perfect for all the folks enjoying the rodeo.  Again, no change is expected, with the exception that the mornings won't be quite as chilly as they were today.  I hope you get a chance to enjoy this great weather.

The only problem is a continued high tree pollen count.  Milder weather a few weeks ago, set the pollen off and periodic gusty wind episodes are bringing the pollen from North Texas into our neck of the woods.  Check the latest pollen count here.


TONIGHT: Clear and mild, light winds. Lows in the mid 40s in Houston, upper 30s for far north neighborhoods and mid 50s along the coast.

WEDNESDAY: Sunny, mild and continued dry.  Highs in the low 70s with light north and northeast winds 5-10 mph.

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny and continued mild.  Just a touch more humid.  Highs in the mid 70s, southeast winds 5-10 mph.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Chilly Night

Are you enjoying the extra daylight? You probably would more if it was a hair warmer and no doubt less windy. Not the best day at the beach, but that will change over the next few days. The high pressure cell that brought in today's cool and breezy weather will gradually slide to our east the next few days. Tonight will be the coldest of the week and by Wednesday with the return of southeast winds, it will feel much nicer. Only problem - pollen count still quite high with ash, pine, oak and birch the main culprits. Low tonight: 37°, High Tuesday: 70°, so with plenty of sunshine, I'll peg the Norman Number at 9 (I deduct one for the chilly start).