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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yep, You Guessed It - More Rain

Sure was nice to see the sun return today! Too bad it won't last. The next round of rain moving in might rival the soaking that started the week. So, once again, watch out for ponding on roadways or worse as the drops fall. 

Current model trends indicate that the rain should begin during the early part of the day Thursday and continue on and off through the afternoon. The picture above depicts the weather at 7 pm CDT - all that green is rain. And it doesn't stop there; more of the wet stuff moves in Friday as well.

Southerly winds surge ahead of an approaching cold front linked to a cold front emerging from the Rockies. See those blue splotches in the Colorado? Yes - that's snow and yes, it is the middle of April!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sun Goes AWOL

It might be a while before the sun returns to Southeast Texas. After a weekend of rain, there is more on the way. A series of cold fronts will sweep across the state this week, leading to more periods of rain. So, if you've some gardening recently, you want need to run the hose of sprinkler. If things time out correctly, the wet weather moves out by the weekend and the sun returns to dry us out a bit.

These fronts won't bring in cold air after they pass either. Each one is proceeded by a moist southerly flow pumping in Gulf moisture into the region. As each front approaches, it adds the lift needed to produce showers and some thunderstorms. Once the fronts move through, those southerly winds quickly return along with morning fog.

Already saturated grounds lead to localized flood concerns if any of the rain episodes sets up in "training" patterns. That will have to be monitored through the week. So, grab the umbrella and prepare to wear out the windshield wipers.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Storms On The Horizon

Enjoying the balmy warm weather the past few days? Get set for a brief change. A vigorous cold front slicing through the middle of country arrives along the upper Texas coast Friday during the early part of the day. It will likely touch off a few showers and possibly a strong thunderstorm as it arrives. However, anything we see won't be nearly as dangerous as what will occur in the Central Plains and Ohio and Tennessee Valleys Thursday and Thursday night. Here is the latest severe weather outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for that time:

The front struggles to push off the coast late Friday, nevertheless, there will be a slight drop in humidity and temperature. By Saturday morning, we'll wake to upper 50s and low 60s:

It is possible that with lingering cloud cover, highs may not get out of the upper 60s. However, that break from the warm weather is short-lived. Sundays highs are back in the 80s. Stay tuned for any changes in the severe weather threat for Friday.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Warm Days Ahead

After a murky Easter, the week ahead looks warm. Above is the projection for temperatures indicating low 80s for the early part of this week. 

Sunday's lingering clouds, fog and occasional drizzle developed along a warm front. This week, that front lifts northeastward leaving in its wake southerly winds that will push the mercury higher along with increasing the humidity. That could lead to a return of morning fog for several mornings this week, but it should lift quickly, leading to a mix of sun and clouds during the afternoon.

The next real chance for rain and possibly some storms doesn't return until the end of the week. A strong cold front develops across the southern Plains and arrives along the upper Texas coast by Friday. That could temporarily cool things off by next weekend.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Changes Move In This Weekend

A cold front will put an end to our string of warm, spring-like days. The front moves in late Friday night bringing with it a few showers and possible some thunderstorms. However, severe weather isn't very likely. The front fizzles, instead of clearing the upper Texas coast, leading to lingering cloud cover and periods of light rain this Easter weekend.

Temperatures will drop a bit after the front moves by late Friday night. Highs Saturday should be in the upper 60s with a steady east breeze. By Easter Sunday, the mid 80s return, despite the cloud cover.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cooler Weather Coming

While not a freeze, it will get cooler across the Lone Star Friday morning. The cold front that sparked the severe weather in the southern Plains and Ozarks Wednesday is pushing through Thursday, sparking a few gusty thunderstorms along the upper Texas coast. By mid-day, breezy northwest winds move in delivering the cooler air. Clearing skies Thursday night will allow the temperatures to slip below 40 in many places. Nowhere near the 1955 record of 31 in Houston for Friday, though.

Don't worry, this winter left-over won't last longer than pizza in the frig. Back to the 80s by Sunday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cloudy, warm weather continues

The Norman Number for Tuesday March 17 in Houston is 6. 

Hope you enjoyed Monday's glimpses of sun. There will likely be less of that as the week continues. High pressure in the northern Gulf allows a steady southerly flow to return to southeast Texas. That will mean more humid days ahead and could allow for some rain to return as an upper-level disturbance moves in from the Hill Country. This has been a recurring theme the past few weeks and it looks like the beat goes on. 

Additionally, Tuesday and Wednesday morning will begin with widespread fog which could greatly reduce the visibility, especially along the coast. 

As for the rain,its looking more and more like the bulk of the steadier, heavier rainfall will be across north Texas, but a few showers are possible in southeast Texas. Here's what the Monday nigth models are projecting for 7 am Wednesday:

By the weekend, another system moves in from the Hill Country, making for a soggy first weekend of Spring:

This is the kind of weather pattern that could bring severe weather down the road, if it persists.