Monday, April 13, 2015

Sun Goes AWOL

It might be a while before the sun returns to Southeast Texas. After a weekend of rain, there is more on the way. A series of cold fronts will sweep across the state this week, leading to more periods of rain. So, if you've some gardening recently, you want need to run the hose of sprinkler. If things time out correctly, the wet weather moves out by the weekend and the sun returns to dry us out a bit.

These fronts won't bring in cold air after they pass either. Each one is proceeded by a moist southerly flow pumping in Gulf moisture into the region. As each front approaches, it adds the lift needed to produce showers and some thunderstorms. Once the fronts move through, those southerly winds quickly return along with morning fog.

Already saturated grounds lead to localized flood concerns if any of the rain episodes sets up in "training" patterns. That will have to be monitored through the week. So, grab the umbrella and prepare to wear out the windshield wipers.

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