Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rain On The Horizon

The #NormanNumber™ in Houston for Tuesday June 9 is 8. Partly cloudy, hot and muggy. Little more than a stray shower likely. High: 93°.

The heat beat goes on for most of this week. Expect typical early June weather in Southeast Texas. By week's end, however, a change begins to develop as more widespread and heavy rainfall return to the region. 

High pressure will strengthen across the Florida panhandle which will nudge a surge of Gulf moisture back toward the upper Texas coast. That should allow for showers and thunderstorms to develop. Here is what Saturday's map looks like:

At the same time, low pressure will begin to emerge from west Texas, setting up a kind of atmospheric "squeeze play". This could result in slow-moving storms, renewing the flood threat that plagued the state at the end of last month.

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