Monday, September 14, 2015

Showers Make A Comeback

Keep the umbrella handy Tuesday as a weak disturbance in the Gulf sends showers toward the upper-Texas coast. The last few days featuring warm, but not overly humid weather, and pleasant mornings is about to change.

High pressure in the Southeast U.S. will allow for southeast winds to develop, which always means a return of muggy weather to Houston. Additionally, there are signs of low pressure in the western Gulf of Mexico.

Typically, a low in the Gulf might raise a few eyebrows, even though we've reached the peak of hurricane season. However, the low is very weak and very disorganized. Also, there isn't high pressure aloft. The latter would make tropical development a bit more favorable.

Expect showers today to develop as those southeast winds send Gulf showers inland. The afternoon could be especially soggy and even in the morning, there may be considerable cloudiness. 

Once Tuesday's rain threat diminishes, the rest of the week looks rain free, although the southeast winds will make the days warm and muggy and the mornings not quite as pleasant as they have been recently. Lows should range in the mid to upper 60s.

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