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Monday, December 17, 2012

Rain... At Last!

The rumbles of thunder Sunday were quite loud and they were accompanied by copious rainfall totals.  All thanks to a slow-moving cool front that tapped into the abundant Gulf moisture which had been pooling from the day before.  Combine that with a surge of jet stream energy and it all meant rain.  The map above comes from the Harris County Homeland Security page:  This indispensable site tracks rainfall in gauges around the county giving local government and the public a way to see where there might be a flood threat.  Fortunately, there was no flooding yesterday, but some of the gauge totals west along I-10 and southeast along the Gulf freeway were in the 2"-3" range.
Officially, at Bush airport, 1.58" was recorded and Galveston picked up .86".  However, the 1.79" at Hobby and 1.24" at College Station set daily records at those two sites.  More importantly, it was the first time since Aug. 19 that more than 1" of rain fell at Bush, Houston's official recording location.
As a weak front passes Wednesday, we may see some rain and again late Sunday.  However, the long-range models more are are coming into agreement that Christmas in Southeast Texas will be quite soggy.  Stay tuned.
Gene Norman

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