Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stormy Tonight - Then Break Out The Jackets!

Based on this afternoon's satellite picture, a change IS coming our way:

But just step outside today and you'd be hard pressed to know it was even December!  It's been balmy and gusty and once again, temperature records were set in Southeast Texas.  This time, Bush tied the 1978 mark of 81°, but Hobby's 81° eclipsed the 2008 mark of 80°.  Also, those same gusty 25-30 mph winds also pushed some Gulf showers inland this afternoon.  But there could be more rain tonight, once a strong cold front (blue line in the picture above) currently slicing through the panhandle makes it here.  Here's a computer model depiction for 3 AM Thursday, when the majority of the rain should be heading in:

After the rain, two big changes will occur - it will be MUCH colder and whipping winds will change direction.  This time, they'll howl out of the northwest and the air will be much drier.  So much so, the National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning.  The ground is still pretty dry despite the rain from this past Sunday and what we'll get overnight.  In fact, the wind will help to quickly evaporate what we do get.  The relatively dry conditions could allow fire to spread, so please be extra careful discarding matches and around the grill or turkey fryers (you know who you are...)

TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy and very windy with occasional periods of light rain.  A steady round of showers moves through between midnight and the pre-dawn hours. Temperatures hold in the 60s until the rainfall, then quickly falls through the 50s.

THURSDAY: After morning rain exits, much windier and colder.  Skies quickly clear and the rest of the day stays cool.  Highs will barely reach 60°s.  Gusty winds out of the northwest at 25-30 mph.

FRIDAY: Freezing cold morning followed by a cool afternoon with plenty of sunshine and much less wind.  Highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. Northeast winds 5-10 mph.

Gene Norman

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