Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Cool Wind Blows In

By Gene Norman
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The glaze of high clouds (cirrocumulus to be precise) continues to drift across our skies while gusty winds signal the first of several really chilly nights.  This could be double-blanket territory as lows the next few mornings will slip into the upper 30s and even freezing for many north of Houston.  Exactly how cold it gets will depend on how long the steady northwest winds linger overnight.  They won't be as brisk as this afternoon, but they'll still be there.  Those winds are bringing in not only cold but dry air.  That's due in part from the fact that the wind is blowing over the recent snow in the Texas panhandle and the southern plains states.  The result is like an atmospheric refrigerator and Houston is on the bottom shelf.

TONIGHT: Fair skies with a steady breeze and chilly feel.  Temperatures falling through the low 40s in the evening to the upper 30s in town and close to freezing for northern suburbs.  Northwest winds 10-15 mph diminishing to 5-10 mph overnight.

WEDNESDAY: Sunny and continued cool and dry.  Highs barely reach 60°. Breezy northwest winds 8-12 mph.

FRIDAY: Sunny and cold in the morning.  Increasing high cloudiness by late afternoon.  Morning temperatures in the upper 30s with a light freeze in northern neighborhoods.  Highs in the low  60s.  Breezy with northwest winds 10-15 mph.

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  1. I really enjoy the way you write about the weather, Gene. I miss your TV weather reports but I'm so glad you have this blog. Keep up the good work!