Thursday, February 28, 2013

Onto A New Month

By Gene Norman
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Someone asked me today, "What's up the weather lately? Mild one day - cool the next!"  Having been in Houston a while, I just smiled and said, "it's February".  The shortest month nearly always brings wild swings as weather patterns begin to shift.  There are still shots of cool air coming out of Southern Canada and down through the plains.  Meanwhile, occasional shifts of southerly winds often mean a brief warm up.  As the month comes to a close, we're bracing for the former and March will starts chilly.  Remember the old adage - "in like a Lamb, out like a Lion" and vice versa. Here's a look at how cold it will likely get tonight across Southeast Texas.  

We didn't break 60° today thanks to the persistent cloud cover.  We'll likely see fewer clouds Friday, but the chill in the air will last through the beginning of next week.  Bundle up!  

Here's how February ends up by the numbers: temperatures averaged 2° above normal and we fell short of normal rainfall for the month by 2.1".  

TONIGHT: Fair skies with light winds and chilly feel.  Temperatures falling through the low 40s in the evening to the upper 30s in town and close to freezing for northern suburbs.  North winds 5-10 or lighter.

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny, continued cool and dry.  Highs barely reach 60°. Steady northwest winds 8-12 mph.

FRIDAY: Sunny and cold in the morning.  Morning temperatures in the upper 30s with a light freeze in northern neighborhoods.  Highs below 60°.  Breezy northwest winds 10-15 mph.

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