Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Headed To The Rodeo Tonight? - Pack The Rain Gear

Looks like fans headed to enjoy the first of several nights of calf-scramblin', chuck-wagon racin' and mutton-bustin' will need to prepare for rain. It likely won't really get that soggy until the early evening. Most of Tuesday will be deceptively nice - kind of breezy and balmy actually, as temperatures soar close to 70°:

The same southerly winds that will boost the mercury will also pump abundant Gulf moisture into southeast Texas, prompting the showers. In fact, it looks like the rain will continue into Wednesday as well. Then, something really odd will happen. Wednesday's rain likely changes over to a brief period of sleet and freezing rain early Thursday morning. An arctic blast is set to descend in from the central plains beginning Wednesday night. Our northern neighbors from Waco to Dallas will again deal with an icy mess. This taste of winter will be a little different than the past two - it'll come with very gusty winds. Here's a computer projection of conditions Thursday morning:

This is a dynamic situation that bears watching, so check back here for updates.

In the meantime, the Norman Number in Houston for Tuesday, March 3 is 6:

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