Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cold, Wet & Icy For Some

By Gene Norman

Brrr...the cold and wet weather that developed today is slowly coming to an end.  Let me clarify - the rain is ending, but the cold persists for at least the next four days.  At times this afternoon, the air aloft was cold enough to allow what was falling to freeze up on the way to the ground.  Those little pieces of ice are sleet; they don't accumulate because the ground temperature while cold, was above freezing.  Late this afternoon, the rain is moving off the upper Texas coast:
The cloud cover - that will be with us for a while as we continue to be in the "over-running" pattern I described in yesterday's blog.  Temperatures will remain cold, especially the next few mornings and a new upper-level disturbance moving in from west Texas brings rain by week's end.  It is also possible that late Friday night going into Saturday morning, some locations, mainly north and northeast of Houston may see some more sleet.
TONIGHT: Rain along the coast ends by late evening.  Skies remain overcast and temperatures fall into the upper 30s.  Some neighborhoods north of Houston may briefly experience a light freeze by sunrise.  North winds 5-10 mph.


THURSDAY: Cloudy, continued cold with highs below 50°. By late afternoon, clouds may thin out a bit for brief glimpses of sun.  Northeast winds 5-10 mph.
FRIDAY: Freezing cold morning then another cool afternoon with cloudy skies.  Periods of light rain develop by afternoon continuing into the evening.  Neighborhoods north and northeast of Houston may see rain briefly mixed with periods of light sleet.  Highs in the low 50s.  Northeast winds 5-10 mph.

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