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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ready For More Winter?

By Gene Norman

Did you see it today?  Yes, that occasionally visible yellow orb in the sky was the sun!After teasing us with glimpses and even a slight thaw, clouds are streaming back in.  And after seeing the mercury rise above 50°, we're bracing for another drop into the chilly 30s.
Those increasing clouds will also bring back rain, again mixed with sleet.  The air is plenty cold aloft, so what falls will be ice, some of which melts in a warm layer just above the ground.  So a rain/sleet mixture will be common, especially in neighborhoods north and northwest of Houston.  Don't expect icy roads though; it will be cold tonight but the ground temperature will remain above the freezing level of 32°.  The rain and dreary conditions will persist into at least the first half of the weekend.  But don't break out the flip flops and shorts just quite yet.  It is January, after all. 
TONIGHT: Increasing clouds with periods of light rain.  Some of the rain will mix with and turn to sleet mainly north of I-10.  Temperatures will hover in the mid to upper 30s, but should remain above freezing.  Raw northeast winds 10-15 mph.
FRIDAY: Cloudy, continued cold with highs below 50°. Occasional periods of rain from early morning through early afternoon. Raw northeast winds 10-15 mph.
SATURDAY: Periods of light rain mixing with sleet briefly.  Rain should taper off before the Texans kickoff, but fans headed to the game and tailgaters should have the rain gear ready.
Highs in the low to mid 50s. Northeast winds 10-15 mph.

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