Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Break Coming Soon?

Tired of days of rain? Well, there could be a day this week where little falls from the sky. The above depicts the total rainfall which fell Monday; much of it north and northwest of downtown Houston and the Galveston Bay region. Radar estimates colored in red and purple suggests over 6 inches accumulated leading to brief flash flooding.

A series of slow-moving upper-level disturbances has been the cause of the nearly week-long deluges prompting flood watches and warnings. There are still quite a few watersheds that need to monitored including the San Jacinto and Trinity rivers.

Showers are in the forecast again Tuesday, as yet another disturbance moves through. However, once that one passes, a bubble of high pressure could protect the region for at least a day. That could bring a return of bona fide sunshine which could help dry things out a little. Here's a computer projection for the weather map Wednesday:

By Thursday and Friday, the wet pattern reestablishes itself, so the reprieve will be short-lived. One thing is for sure, there could be a bumper crop of skeeters to content with in the weeks to come.

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