Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Deluges Not Done

The last 24 hours have seen torrential rains turn streets into rivers and forcing bayous and rivers out of their banks around the Houston area. The bad news - there is more wet weather on the way. A flash flood watch remains in effect until 7 pm CDT. See the current rainfall amounts here. The hardest hit areas have been around Clear Lake and League City.

Why is this happening? Two factors come together as they often do: a stalled coastal front and a series of upper-level disturbances. The same front responsible for the destructive plains tornadoes that developed during Mother's Day weekend stalled out along the upper-Texas coast late Monday. A series of low pressure waves moving out of the Hill Country create the lift allowing storms to develop. Those storms develop along similar paths, leading to the "training" effect that causes too much rain repeatedly.

Several more disturbances are coming through today and here is a projection for how much more rain could fall across Texas;

While the majority of the rain could fall from Dallas to San Antonio, any more rain across Southeast Texas could inflame still-swollen rivers and bayous. Brace for more wet days through the end of the week with a possible break by the weekend.

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