Monday, July 13, 2015


The circled spec in the north-central Atlantic ocean doesn't pose a threat to any part of the U.S., but Monday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center declared this tropical storm Claudette. 

The storm's origins come from weekend storms that moved off the North Carolina coast. They intensified and maintained a circulation with a maximum sustained wind of 50 mph, more than enough to get the Tropical Storm designation.

The current track shows it headed toward Nova Scotia very quickly:

The storm will likely become post-tropical by late Tuesday. 

Things are still quiet off the west coast of Africa and we're still weeks away from the start of the Cape Verde season. Stay tuned and stay alert. Claudette formed without much warning. Something similar could always happen in the Gulf as inland storms forming in Louisiana, Mississippi or Florida could drift that way. 

It's tough to make every headline for these kinds of posts have creative alliteration, but I'll try...

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