Friday, July 31, 2015

Triple Digit Days, Then Watching The Gulf

The heat is on as July comes to a close. Houston's official highs the last two days have been 100 and 101, consecutively, and just shy of a record each day. To end the month, we could see a triple-digit trifecta! The 1998 record of 103 looks safe, though.

However, believe it or not, a very weak cool front which is sliding through the Southeast could actually clip sections of east Texas. The main impact will be somewhat drier air wedging its way in. That could actually help a few isolated showers and storms fire up in the late afternoon. 

Also, as the front ends up in the Gulf of Mexico, some computer models are projecting that a weak area of low pressure could form. Right now, this is nothing to worry about. However, any time there is low pressure in the Gulf, it needs to be monitored.

Here is a depiction for Sunday:

Again, nothing to get too excited as it might just be low pressure that spreads rain toward southern Louisiana. Stay tuned, check back here and stay aware. Otherwise, just try to stay cool!

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