Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nothing But The Heat

You've heard the saying - its not just the heat, its the humidity. It's true and it means you're at a higher risk of heat-related illness during the summer months. As the mercury rises, so does our internal temperature. Your body tries to cool itself naturally by sweating, but often, it's not enough. 

Those most at risk are the elderly, children, people who are overweight and those who are already ill. So its most important that these groups monitor the amount of time they spend outside. One way to combat the threat is to remain as hydrated as possible. Drinking plenty of water helps the body replenish necessary elements like salt and other minerals.

It will be difficult to avoid summer's heat though for the rest of this month. High temperatures will bump up close to 100 but with the added humidity in the air, the heat index will range between 100 to 105. While not high enough to meet the criteria for a heat advisory, it still could put you at risk for heat stroke, exhaustion and cramps.

Despite the heat of recent days, July 2015 in Houston hasn't been record-setting - yet. The average temperature is running about a degree above normal. On the current track, this could end up in the top ten warmest Julys on record.

Rain has been hard to come by as well - next chances for spotty, isolated showers won't return until early August.

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