Monday, November 2, 2015

Dry For Election Day

The memories of the Halloween storms may be fresh in the minds of some, but there are no weather worries for Election Day. Expect some early morning cloudiness, but by mid-morning, there should be a mix of sun and clouds. Southeast winds replace Monday's milder north breezes, bringing back the humidity as well. That increased moisture will interact with an approaching cool front that signals a return of now unwelcome rains.

Here is a depiction of conditions by Wednesday afternoon:

The last thing people in the Hill country want to see is more rain headed in their direction. However, that's what today's models are showing. Here is the depiction for Thursday afternoon:

The red splotches indicate the possibility of stronger storms stretching from the Austin/San Antonio area into Dallas and Tulsa. It's a little too early to tell how severe these storms could become, but its a situation that needs to be watched. Eventually, those rains move eastward into east Texas and Louisiana.


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