Friday, October 30, 2015

More Trick Than Treat For Halloween

Early morning tornadoes did some damage to parts of Texas. There are numerous reports coming out of the towns of Floresville (seen above) and D'Hanis, just outside San Antonio. A vigorous upper-level disturbance moving through the area is packing quite a punch, providing sufficient lift in a moist atmosphere spawning the storms. 

The threat is far from over for the rest of the day across south-central Texas. Shaded in yellow are areas that the Storm Prediction Center believes have the highest risk of seeing potentially more of this kind of weather through the day Friday:

Not only is the upper-low vigorous, but also slow-moving. It won't be until late Saturday night that the threat exits eastward. Here is the current threat risk for Saturday, mainly emphasizing extreme southeast Texas and southern Louisiana:

If things work out correctly, you may be able to salvage the heart of trick-or-treat time in Southeast Texas. However, it will be soggy for most of the day Saturday and there could be some spots dealing with high water. Remember, it was just last weekend that the remnants of former hurricane Patricia soaked some of the same areas. Here is a projection of where rain will fall for Saturday in Texas:

After its all over, some places could pick up anywhere from 2 to 6 inches as indicated by this forecast for rainfall totals:

Stay safe on the roads and especially with so many potentially headed out for holiday activities.

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