Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sunshine Returns - But For How Long?

After days of rain, the Lone Star state will get a chance to dry out a bit. Depicted above is the forecast for clouds Wednesday. The white are the clouds and the dark areas, cloud-free, should be mostly sunny. 

The remnants of former hurricane Patricia will move into the eastern third of the U.S. A weak trough of upper-level low pressure behind the surface low Patricia has become will move across the central plains. However, with little moisture to work with, there won't be much in the way of cloud cover. 

The dry spell won't last too long as a new disturbance emerges from west Texas by early Friday. This one moves through fairly quickly, so while there won't be a repeat of the flooding brought on by Patricia, there will be significant rainfall. Here's a depiction of conditions by Friday evening:

Unfortunately, the rain may linger for the trick-or-treaters headed out Saturday.

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