Friday, October 16, 2015

Cool Fall Weekend Ahead!

Believe it or not, a cool front slipped through Southeast Texas late Friday night. The only way you'd know is because of a wind shift as there wasn't any rain and just a few high clouds. You'll definitely feel the difference as drier and cooler air descends down to the coast. Shown above are the forecast low temperatures by Sunday morning.

High pressure filling in behind the front dominates the weather for much of the up-coming week. Gradually, by the end of next week, the high will slide off to the east. Then, a return of southeast winds pushes temperatures higher, increases the humidity and eventually brings rain back to the region.

For the past few days, the long-range GFS model has been hinting that low pressure will develop in the Gulf. Where it ends up and how intense it becomes is still a bit uncertain. However, there is a good chance that widespread, heavy rain will spread from Corpus Christi through Houston and into East Texas. Here's a depiction for the last Sunday of the month:

This will need to be monitored to see exactly where the low forms and more importantly, how much rain falls and where. Until then, enjoy the crisp mornings and warm afternoons!

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